One of my favorite memories

This is Blake Island in Washington State and it has some of my favorite memories in my childhood. My parents used to take me on their boat to this Island. The Indian dances were amazing to see, the place was so cool.

We got to go for walks in the woods and the place was wonderful.

If you are ever in the Seattle area, take the special ferry to Blake Island and enjoy the beauty that Blake Island has.


Get a reality check on the …

This is going to have some challenging topics … I don’t want to offend just educate people.

When you listen to the recent statement that the current President has said you begin to understand that he is a total ‘technically challenged’ person mentally. This is something that is going to get worse before it gets better if he stays in the office.

Skin Color: The color of you skin doesn’t show the type of person you are. The fact that the skin color shows how close to the equator area of the planet that you family came from. The fact that people make a big deal over the color of a person’s skin shows that they have no clue to the real world.

Those who have lighter skin have come from colder climates and need the lighter skin to get more Vitamin D in their skin. This is done through sun light. So here is the thing every person on this planet has very close DNA … there is no difference in a person between one from the African Continent and the European Continent.

We have been here before – WWII and the American Civil War. We don’t need to hear the racist comments coming out of the White House.

Religious Beliefs: Whether you believe in the Christian God, Islamic Prophet, or the Polytheistic ways then you have been given the ability to make the choice. When people have been told that their beliefs are wrong they lose the ability to make the choice anymore. Religious beliefs have been around for far longer than most nations have had the ability to write. The earliest forms of ‘religious beliefs’ were those that understood nature and that nature was the reason that they were alive.

We have been here before – The Jewish Holocaust during WWII, the Christians that were forced to make sacrifices to the Roman Gods or they would be put to death.

Locations of Birth: Being born in the United States or in Mexico or Europe, people are all the same. People all want to have the best life that they can. This is how it has been for all the times that people have been on this planet. The people that lived in caves learned to harness fire to keep their kids and themselves warm. We have learned to use the internet to get information.

There is nothing we can’t do if we work together. We can make this country one that we are proud of again. We need to work together and get the message that we can learn from the past, but we need to get the message out that we aren’t like the current President of this country.

Rules for Everyone …

With the way things are going in the country today I think that the Republicans that are sitting in the White House and the ones that are in the Senate and Congress need to remember that the rules are for everyone to follow. The fact is that this country is set up with a set of rules that we must follow.

It is also something that needs to be remembered that unless you are 1000% pure Native American Indian you are an immigrant in some form. The fact that there are some basic rules that everyone needs to follow must be reinforced or we have chaos all over the place. This is not a country of one skin color being better than another, one religion being better than another, this country was created to where everyone was and is equal.

We have had our bumps and hard times along the way but there are some things that we need to understand, there are three parts to the United States Government. One person can’t override the others since they don’t like the treatment that they get.

If you look at the government set up you will see that we have Judicial, Executive and Legislative branches.

Now if you look at each one you will see that they have a specific role in the way that the country works.

The Legislative Branch:

They are the Senate and House of Representatives. There are two Senators from each State in the Union. The number of congressmen and women is based on how many people live in the state. That is the reason that we have Census every 10 years. That way the people get proper representation and the states get the funding that they need.

Senators are elected for a 6-year term. They must live in the state that they are elected to represent inn the Senate and must be at least 30 years old. They must be a citizen of the United States for at least 9 years when elected.

Congressmen and Congresswomen: are elected for a 2-year term. They must live in the state that they represent but not the Congressional district that they represent. They must be 25 years old and have been a US citizen for at least 7 years when elected.

The Executive Branch:

The Executive Branch is the President and Vice President of the United States. At the time of writing this Donald Trump is the current resident of the White House. There are several things that you need to know about the Executive Branch – the first one is a misconception that is commonly seen.

When George Washington became the first President of the United States, he made a choice to do the swearing in on a bible. The Constitution doesn’t require that the oath of office be taken with a bible, but George Washington was a Mason and he felt that the position of President was to be taken that serious. The oath, as found in the Constitution, has not changed since it was first recited: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”



If you really want to make a change in this country, then get involved. Write to people, get involved in town meetings find out if you can help on raising awareness on something. It can be doing a blog post or a Twitter message and getting others with the same views to spread the word.

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Looking Ahead and Finding the Positive

I keep getting asked about looking ahead and finding something positive to write about. The thing is that people shouldn’t have to ask for something positive to look forward to.

My views are that if you can help others then you shouldn’t have to ask for a positive thing to look forward to. When you help others then you are doing positive in more ways than you can understand. Not only do you have the positive of helping the person, you have given the positive by helping someone.

I have seen people that will only help others to get attention and praise. That isn’t the way to do it. Doing it to help a person for no other reason than to help that person will make it that much more special.

This is something that happened a time ago when I was still working. I used to ride the bus to and from work and every afternoon I would see this person in a wheelchair. I started to talk and found out that they were a homeless veteran. They had served in Vietnam, lost both their legs and still had a wonderful smile.

Over the months I would talk every day with the gentleman and soon found that even though he had lost both legs he still had a smile in his heart. That year when I got my Christmas bonus, I wanted to give him something that he could use. I had more than one winter coat and the one I was wearing had been given to me. It was an old Vietnam Era bomber jacket with several unit patches on it.

I went into a local store and asked that they get in touch with the police and have someone with a wheelchair accessible vehicle come by and make sure the person was out of the cold for Christmas. They were a veteran, and could they contact someone who could help him. I went through and got some cheese in a can, beef jerky, crackers, bottled water and a large gift bag. I went and paid for the stuff and put it all in the gift bag, got a second smaller bag for the stuff that was in my jacket pockets and put the coat on the top of the bag of food.

When I gave him the bag, and he put the coat on, he started to cry. When I asked why … his old unit patch was on the jacket.

The reason I tell this story is the fact that the person who gave me the jacket got mad at me for giving it away. They didn’t care about the coat. They had planned to give it to the Goodwill. They felt it was a waste. They didn’t know the person, didn’t see the happiness or understand why.

The reason I gave him the food and coat was because he needed it and I had extra. I wanted to help and that was all.

Those are the types of things that I would like to see more of. People helping others for no reason other than helping someone.

Nation of Drug Users… via the Doctors


What if I told you that the United States is being made into a nation of drug users and that they aren’t the illegal kind but from the doctors? This may sound like a strange thing to say but there is a reason for it.

If you look at the way the commercials are going on any medications that are out there and you hear the words ‘Talk to your doctor.’ This is one way that they do it. They push medications on to people. If you look at the kids today and how many are on medication for something or another.

When kids are being kids they act out, spit balls are normal, squirming during a boring class is normal, the kids don’t need medication … they need to be engaged on the topic. Since the year 2000 there have been about 11% of the kids between the ages…

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FYI … Please watch what you say …

This is a plea from the writer of this blog site.

Please be respectful when you leave a comment.

When I go through and see a comment that is disrespectful I delete it. I don’t know if the person doesn’t care if what they are saying could be taken the wrong way or if they are trying to cause a fight with a person to make themselves feel better.

Some of the topics that I feel are important to be considered and when there is one about veterans having trouble with mental health and I see a comment that shows blatant disrespect then I delete it. This is not the place to act like that. This is a place to learn something and try to understand how people feel.

I understand that some of the topics talk about things that may go against a person’s religious beliefs but again this is to teach people and please don’t try to get the religious comments on it. If I find them then I delete them. The reason is I don’t want to have someone use the site as a platform to put other down or force their feelings on to others.

Nature’s Medicine …

With so many people in the world today and it being winter maybe it is time to look at what mother nature has for us. The reason is that those who believe in the pills and bills routine are putting chemicals in their body. With doing that they will have side effects. Now I am not saying that all medications are bad, some are known to help the body. I am not a doctor, if you have a serious medical condition get medical treatment!

When I say what mother nature has, I am talking about herbs and medicines that come from foods as well.

When you go to get rid of a fever, several people will take Tylenol

or Aspirin to take it down. But if you took a bath with some instant oatmeal in the water, your body heat will cook the oatmeal and bring your body temperature down. The water should be warm enough to where it isn’t going to make you sicker. I have done this before and it works.

When I have been congested and had trouble breathing due to a cold, I will inhale the steam of peppermint tea and it helps clear it up. I will also clean my nose and sinuses out with salt water. This is healthier and safer than taking something to clear it up and possibly dry it out. Menthol works wonders to help open things up.

Instead of taking pills I will let food be my medicine and limit the amount of medications that I put in. When I cook, I use fresh herbs and spices as often as possible. When I reduce the amount of salt that I use and put lemon juice or lime juice in the food for flavor and the flavor seems to be greater.

Try seeing what works for you. Trouble sleeping, try a relaxing tea. Stomach trouble, try some different teas before going to the doctor.

Just a suggestion.

Blessings … One Country Many Cultures

With the US being one country of many cultures, how many ways can a person give a greeting? The reason I ask this is due to a person who told me to go back to Iran when I said ‘Happy Holidays’ in four different ways. I thought it was funny since they were saying that they were a ‘good Christian’ person.

Some of the stuff I post is of an inspirational nature on Twitter, others are to show the different cultures in this great country. These can be anything from hoping that a person who is having a hard time that things get better, they can be to show that the love of a deity is there.

Here is an example of what I am famous for doing:

May Freya’s love shine on you

May Baldur be a champion in your home

May Eir keep you healthy

May you remember that Lodur and Hoenir have shared

Their gifts to you.



Does anyone recognize the gods that are spoken of in this? These are all Norse Gods, the same ones that we think of when we watch the movie Thor. So, for those that are into the ancient ways this would be nothing more than showing that someone cares.

For those that believe in the ancient ones, we don’t think inside the box. We look things in a different nature. We look at the fact that things may not always be the straight line that people would like to say is the norm.

For me, a saying that shows my love for different cultures is one that needs to be expressed and enjoyed. For out of the many we are one, stronger united and diverse at the same time.

May the sun god Aten rays shine upon you

May the storm god Tarhun smile on you

In this time of remembrance let us remember that A’as and Thoth

Gave us the gift us the gifts of wisdom and writing.


The blessings of love show that all are welcome and that being united country means accepting the different cultures that are there.

Your eyes are the windows to …

Have you ever heard the saying that your eyes are the windows to your soul? If that is the case, then what would one see when they looked inside? Back deep into your soul and your heart? Would they see a kind person? Would they see someone who had their own feelings first?

These are my feelings only. Some of my personal beliefs will come into play here as well.

When I am talking with someone, I like to know that the person is telling the truth. I will often look at their eyes to see if their eyes are looking around or they can look at me. I have often found that those who have nothing to hide will look at you. If they have other things on their mind or they aren’t telling the truth, then they will inadvertently look away.

I understand that there are those that wear sunglasses or have contacts, but I always have a problem with not seeing their eyes. I see things in a strange way, I can read some people by their body language and often wonder if they realize in whatever they believe that eventually must have their soul judged.

In the ancient world of Ancient Egypt, your heart that held your soul had to be in balance with Ma’at. The Ancient Egyptians believed that the way to measure that was your heart against the feather of Ma’at who was the Goddess who represented the essential harmony of the Universe.1

If the scales were balanced you went on to the afterlife, if not then you were devoured by Ammut -the Devourer of the Dead. 1 {Yes, the name is spelled correctly} She was part crocodile, part lioness and part hippo. She was the one that would prevent the wicked from entering the afterlife.

If you look at the things that were found in tombs of Ancient Egypt, they took what they would need in the afterlife with them. One of the things that they took was a text called the ‘Book of the Dead’ or ‘The Book of Coming Forth by Day’ which is more of a correct translation of the actual name.2 This is where Hollywood got it wrong – the book was not a black book it was a collection of spells that were written on papyrus. Some of the scrolls were said to be over 37 meters in length. 3 This is the one that is in the British Museum.

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then you would want the light to shine through that is in your heart. If the heart is pure then the eyes will shine but if it is corrupt that would show as a darkness in the eyes.

According to the Christian bible in Matthew 6:22 “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single; thy whole body shall be full of light.” 4 and if you cross reference it with Luke 11:34 “Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your vision is clear, your whole body also is full of light. But when it is poor, your body is full of darkness.” And Luke 11:35 “Be careful, then, that the light within you is not darkness.” 4

The warnings seem to be the same – if your eyes are the windows to your soul, then make sure that your soul is pure because it may get weighed or called to be judged at any time. Those who chose not to pay attention will have to deal with the challenges that come from it.



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