The one constant in life …

What is the one constant in life? Most think that it is taxes but what if I told you that ‘choice‘ is the one constant. If you think about it for a moment: how many choices do we make in a day? When we get up in the morning, we start making choices.

If you think about it for a minute, everything that you have done this day has been through choices that you made. If it is a weekday, you got up with an alarm and got ready for work. How many choices in that simple act? More than you may think. If you hit the snooze button, that is a choice. Did you make the coffee or take a shower first, choice again? Blue tie or red tie? Choice again.

Life is full of choices. How we decide those choices may seem minor but overall, they define our lives. When we look at the larger choices in our lives, most think of the people think of who are going to marry, where we are going to live or the jobs we have.

So here is the question for you: when you see a person who is disabled do you want to help them or not? Why or why not? What factors affect your choice? Do you see the person as a person or do you see them as less than a person? Why?

Some people say that just about anything that can touch my heart but there are somethings that only piss me off. When I see the disabled people getting picked on, mistreated or being used in ways that is a known lie I want to flu into a rage. The reason is that most people look at me and see a ‘normal’ person when in fact I have more than one disability. People don’t seem to understand that we don’t chose to be this way, often we have done things that others don’t realize. I can tell you of people in the science community that are disabled in the technical sense but they have made so many major improvements that we are thankful for.

If you look at people and see only the outside then the choice to not get to know them is a mistake that could haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Here is a challenge for you. If you want to understand people in a new sense, have a person that you trust help you with this. For a day have one of your senses temporarily taken away. The easiest one to do is vision. Have a person gently put medical tape over your eyes to where you can’t open them, then try to do things around your home. The simple things that you do at home suddenly become a challenge.

Try it and see how well you can do.

Message to all …

This is a message to all people of the United States of America.

We have a voice. We can stop the insanity. It is easy to do. The question is: Will you do it?

The voice we have is in many forms. Twitter, Facebook, email, text messages, calling each other and town meetings. It is easy to get your voice out. Doing blogs like this one is a way to do it.

We can contact our elected officials and say stop Trump’s routine. We can say that he is unfit to run this country. We are stronger together than apart. We need to have our voices heard.

Now we must work to together to make this country work well. We need to have the country work as a community instead of alone. When we stand as a country we are stronger than any wall, stronger than money that other countries put in to the elections, we can win the battle if we choose to.

If we work as a community then we can beat many of the problems that we have in the world. If we want true ‘homeland security’ then we must realize that the entire world is our homeland. We need to have the peace of the mind that everyone on the planet has the same DNA and we need to stop the .01% from having all the money and power.

Contact your elected official and say ‘Impeach Trump Now!’

Where is your balance … Why?

Where is your balance? Why? Do you believe that things are getting better or worse?

I am looking the fact that there seems to be no balance in our lives. I am seeing that we need to get the balance back to understand that things are different and better in some areas and worse in other areas.

The reason that balance is more important than other aspects of things. Here is why I say that balance is so important. We need to have balance to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. If you look at modern movies you can see that there is a lot of unrealized balance that needs to be held. If you look at the series ‘The Matrix’ and you pay attention to the third movie, when Neo is talking to the Oracle they have the following conversation:

Neo: The Architect told me that if I didn’t return to the Source, Zion would be destroyed by midnight tonight.
Oracle: [rolls eyes] Please… You and I may not be able to see beyond our own choices, but that man can’t see past any choices.
Neo: Why not?
Oracle: He doesn’t understand them – he can’t. To him they are variables in an equation.

Neo: What does that mean?

Oracle: Everything that has a beginning has an end. I see the end coming. I see the darkness spreading. I see death. And you are all that stands in his way.

Neo: Smith.

Oracle: [nods] Very soon he’s going to have the power to destroy this world, but I believe he won’t stop there; he can’t. He won’t stop until there’s nothing left at all.

Neo: What is he?
Oracle: He is you. Your opposite, your negative, the result of the equation trying to balance itself out.
Neo: What if I can’t stop him?
Oracle: One way or another, Neo, this war is going to end. Tonight, the future of both worlds will be in your hands… or in his. (

If as the movie shows, balance is not restored then there is a major problem. Now while the movie is fiction if we look at the real world you will see that the balance is not in place. With finance, we have a trickle-down plan going and it doesn’t work. The reason is that the money doesn’t make it to the bottom and those who are less fortunate don’t get any of the money. Again, there is no balance in the way that it is handled. We need to have the simple balance in our lives of who is going to do it. We need to take our lives into our own hands and find our balance.

What is the Government hiding … Ft. McClellan?

When a young person signs the documents that say they are willing to serve in the United States Military, they are expecting some things. Good training, safe housing, and the ability to protect this country … right? So, what is the Federal Government hiding from them?

As a United States Army Veteran – we all need to know.

The base that I went to for basic training is Ft. McClellan Alabama. Here are some basic facts on it. First off – all the information is easy to find on the internet and none is classified!!!

Ft. McClellan was opened in 1917. It was closed in 1999.

The military schools that were at Ft. McClellan were the Military Police Corps, and the Chemical Corps, (N.B.C. Corps)

Now you may be wondering why I am writing about this. I went to basic there and it was a good time for me to learn about myself. However, there is another issue with it.

According to the VA’s website ( I found out that while I was there I unknowingly was exposed to some rather deadly and hazardous stuff. According to the site there was Potential exposures could have included, but are not limited to, the following: Radioactive compounds (cesium-137 and cobalt-60) used in decontamination training activities in isolated locations on base, Chemical warfare agents (mustard gas and nerve agents) used in decontamination testing activities in isolated locations on base, and Airborne polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from the Monsanto plant in the neighboring town.

Now on the site it says that we can possibly get additional benefits and specialized healthcare for health problems with this when I called – the person had no idea of what I was talking about. I had to give them the site address and they had to put me on hold to find out what to do regarding my request for a form for benefits on this.

These are the actual screen shots from their site.

I am wondering why we were only told about it in 2011 when President Obama was in office and that we were put on a registry but the VA doesn’t know who should be getting additional treatments for some of these.

Now people are going to say that this was too long ago to be something to worry about, but there are people like me who suffer from health issues that we never had before going into the service and some have suffered like me for ages with some of these problems. Now I get to have fun trying to get additional help with this.

Assume …. The Biggest Mistake Ever

When you assume that you know better than most, how do you know for sure? Is assuming mean that you are better than others? I honestly don’t know but this post is what I see happening and it makes me rather sick. I am voicing my personal feelings only in this one.

When I hear that people, who have paler skin than others assume that they are smarter or better than those with dark skin – I usually must prevent myself from screaming at them. They are no better any anyone else. Their views are no more important than anyone else’s. The reason that the person of pale skin wants to believe that is because they view are more important is to make them feel better. Often it is a person is talking from a point of weakness and they feel the need to put the other person down.

When you look at a person who is thin, most would think they are healthy and that is again an assumption. The person could have a medical condition that prevents them from being healthy they look thin and healthy. If you look at a person who is overweight, the assumption is that they need to go on a diet. Again, the assumption is wrong. The person may have a health condition that causes the issue.

There are other things that can be shown as examples but the one I want to stress is you can’t look at a person and instantly feel that you know everything about them. When a person is ‘disabled‘ they don’t have to be in a wheelchair or totally blind to be that way. The person could be physically ok but have a mental health issue that causes things to be done in a way prevents them from working. A person who has chronic issues, could be considered too ‘disabled’ to work. I will use myself as an example. I have a chronic pain issue – for me pain at a 5 is a good day. When I have worked in the past, people have tried to use the fact that I have pain issues as a reason to let me go. I didn’t choose to be this way. It is the way my body is wired. Yet I have had people tell me that I need to get a job and stop trying to get SSDI.

I have tried to work several times and it isn’t something that people are willing to take a risk on me. When I go for the interview the first thing they see isn’t my ability to do the job but the cane I must use to walk. So where is the understanding that everyone is different? Not in the hiring managers mind, they are looking at cost to train and the fact that I use a cane.

So, when people assume that I don’t want to work, it isn’t true. I have tried but have lost more jobs due to things that are not within my control than the ones that are in my control.

If You had a chance …

If you had a chance to have anyone over for dinner, who would it be? Why would you choose that person? What would make for dinner? For me there are several professional wrestlers that I would have under the condition that their family came as well. This dinner invite has never been put out in this way but it is simple and true – I offer friendship and a nice meal.

While there are many that I could like to have over for dinner, I think I would have to go with the Calaway family from Texas. Now you may wonder when I say the Calaway family, why? The simple fact is that both Mark and Michelle have been willing to put their lives and bodies on the line for our ‘entertainment’. You look at Mark’s years as the wrestler ‘The Undertaker’. You look at Michelle’s career first as a teacher and then as a professional wrestler as ‘Michelle McCool’. They have a family and have put their lives on the line more than once.

When you look at some of the injuries that have happened to people in that line of work, you should wonder how safe they are at times? Mark has wrestled with a cast on one hand due to it being broken. How many times has his back been injured?

The fact that I would invite their entire family would be because to me they are people and not just former professional wrestlers. I used to be friends with them on Facebook when I was on it. I had the chance to talk with them through Facebook and more than that, there were aspects of their personality that they don’t show on the world stage.

They wouldn’t get something that cost a fortune and be exotic. They would get real food that we eat every day. I would probably do something like homemade chili, cornbread, and rice. I enjoy cooking and the chili would truly be homemade. I use dried beans (3 types) 3 pounds of meat, fresh onion, fresh garlic, fresh jalapenos, diced tomatoes, spaghetti sauce for my tomato base and a crock pot. 7 hours of cooking and they would have a real dinner.

I would be honored to have people like that over to my house. To me they are people who need to be respected for what they are willing to do. Homemade meals are more to them than spending a ton of money for something fancy. Being a real person who offers friendship means more than a person who pretends to be something they are not.

I would offer friendship, and a place where they can be themselves. Being a person who cares is more important than spending a ton of money and having bragging rights to say that someone was at your house.

Could you do that? Would you?

Even the Smallest …

What if I told you that even the smallest person can change the course of the world? A person’s physical stature doesn’t matter. A person’s age doesn’t matter. A person’s financial status doesn’t matter. It is their heart and their will. We can make changes in our world but it takes that first step. That first step will lead to who knows where due to

We have seen this theory in books like “The Lord of the Rings” and others where the person who seems to be the underdog is able to change the way the story goes. We see it in books like the “Dune” series. Where one person goes against the expected and changes the course of the world, sounds good.

Why is it that we don’t put these theories into action? Why not say that we aren’t going to put up with the ‘status quo’ and make changes for the good? Most often it is fear and isolation. Those we can overcome if we try. I am going to be using quotes from different books and movies to prove this (to the best of my ability).

First off fear is something that we all carry in us. Some are deep rooted, almost inherited from times long ago. To be able to deal with the fears we have we need to face them. This is one that I remember very well.

This is the ‘Litany Against Fear’ from Frank Herbert’s Dune series. This is one that I have used to deal with some of the fears that I have and by doing so I am able to do things like this blog site and accept what people say whether good or bad.

Have you ever wanted to be able to set your mind in motion, be able to focus on something and figure the answer before anyone else has realized the question? While I have no idea what the ‘juice of sapho’ is but we can see that we are able to do that through focus or through determination. There are those who may drink coffee to bring their minds to the next stage and that is fine, to them it might be the caffeine that speeds up their mind. However, they do it, the fact is that they can ‘see’ things better and in a new way.

When you look at something, what do you see? {This is something that you can try with friends.} Take a room, say a living room in a friend’s house that you are visiting and look at it. There are more than just the walls and carpet. Look deeper, the walls have texture, the carpet may have a stain that you missed.

Soon you will find that there is more going on than you realize. Things that you thought were so precious may not be. Then you will see that and when you do that your life will be happier. When you go for a walk be careful where your feet take you.

We may wander wondering what is important to do and where to go but remember this

W.W.E … Why We Endure … Mistakes

Why do we endure the mistakes that others make? When it is a political person why do put up with it? What is it about human nature that makes us ignore the truth?

We as people have a unique thing called ‘selective’ memories. Everyone has it. Some more than other. When a person makes an honest mistake, we feel a second chance is needed and therefore are willing to give them a ‘second’ chance. But how many second chances does a person need before they learn the lesson?

When a person has been proven to not tell the truth {an example} and decides to run for political office, would you vote for them? I wouldn’t and the reason is simple … people in a position of power need to be able to tell the truth. If they can’t or chose not to, then they lose the integrity of the job that they hold.

When I look at the current political situation that we are in now, I don’t see the people who hold extremely important positions being honest. This worries me all the time. When you have a President, who has been known to give alternative facts or lies to the media then that is a problem. When you have a person, who can’t tell the Senate of the United States the truth then there is a problem. When the person has a high position in the government and at the same time is working as a spy for another country … that is a conflict of interest.

So why don’t we do anything about it? How many times on social media have we heard that the current President needs to be impeached? Why doesn’t the government do as the people ask?

In a single word … money. People with money want power and they more power they have the more they want. So how long does this need to go on before we revolt?

History Lesson … 101

These are always hard to do but after reading a news article on the internet this morning I needed to do this post. Before I go any further I want to say this: To the families of survivors of the Holocaust: you have my up most respect and honor. This post is to teach those who need to know your pain.

When I read that the current President of the United States is saying that the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was ‘evil’ ( ) I was able to verify that he said information that was very wrong on so I am sickened with what was said.

Now I need to make something clear while I love history I hate and despise what failure to understand the past will cause for the future! The history of this behavior is clear. There are a lot of similarities between what the current President is saying and doing to what was happening in the early parts of the 1930’s. I don’t like having to do this but we need to remember it. The most recent thing is the ‘Voter Information Request’ that was sent to each state. The simple fact is that we have the right to have our feelings including who we voted for to be private. In the 1930’s when the Weimar Republic (yes that is the correct spelling) was still running Germany, the Nazi’s had people bulling people into voting for Hitler. We have had it here before after WWII when some parts of the country were corrupt and people were not allowed to vote in private.

When we look at things like healthcare, you can see where those who aren’t ‘normal’ are being singled out. This too happened before. It was done in the Spartan culture, in the 1930’s and 1940’s in Germany and now it is happening again. By saying that people with preexisting conditions will have to pay more is the first step in making things very hard. Being a disabled Army veteran, it is hard enough but to see this happening again is sickening.

We need to stop this before it goes further. Is this what we want instead of what we have now?

Healthcare for all … Myth or Reality?

Does healthcare for all really exist? Can it work in the United States? What is so hard to do? Where do lives matter over money?

This may sound like a strange one but please hear me through. When people talk about healthcare, there are very distinctive lines. There are the people who feel that everyone should have healthcare no matter what. There are those who feel that the healthcare should depend on the amount of money for the quality. There are those who feel that if a person has a preexisting condition then they shouldn’t get coverage or they should have to pay more for it.

Me? I feel that healthcare should be for all, there are no reasons that anyone should be denied healthcare. If a person has a preexisting condition then they should still be able to get healthcare. If they have little or no income then they should be able to get healthcare.

Why do I feel this way? I have ‘preexisting’ conditions. I have very little income, but I also have the understanding that for people to have the freedoms that are in the constitution that they need to be healthy and have access to medical.

When they say people with ‘preexisting’ conditions should have to pay more, I honestly wonder what they would do with me. I was a blue baby. When I was born the doctors used to rate newborns at three time intervals. 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes. Doctors to this day do the 5 minutes and the 10 minutes score. This is called an Apgar Score. It checks the child’s appearance, pulse, grimace, activity and respiration to make sure that the child is going to be OK. This is also how they can tell if the child is in danger and needs emergency treatment.

When I say I was a blue baby that means that my umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck. From what I was told, mine was a super challenge because it was wrapped twice and in a knot. The doctors didn’t do my one minute score because they were trying to get my cord off my neck. So technically that meant for the first two minutes (that is how long it took) of my life I had no air getting in and no oxygen getting to my brain. {This is an image found on the net, not me} When people talk about preexisting conditions and they should have to pay more they are saying that a child like the one in the image should be forced to pay extra for health insurance due to the way they were born.

Why can’t we get healthcare for all here in this country? In one word, money. The people with the money that don’t feel that others are their responsibility put pressure on the government and try to force the issue. President Obama tried to set it up and there has been push back from the insurance companies, the people who make the medical supplies and other members of Congress because their money is in danger.

If you look at our neighbors to the north (Canada) they have a system of health insurance that is working. According to their site ( ) everyone gets preventive care and medical treatments from their primary doctors as well as access to the hospitals, dental surgery and additional medical services. With a few exceptions, all citizens qualify for health coverage regardless of medical history, personal income, or standard of living.