Would You … Could you …?

This is a game of your perspective of the world. This is one that is that will show how a different point of view is fun to look at.

First question: Would you or could you go to a place that is thought to be haunted? What about a day visit to Alcatraz Penitentiary? I would. The reason I would go is the simple history of the place. If you think about who has been there and what the Native American’s thought of the place it would be an interesting place to visit.

Second question: would you or could you spend the night in a place that was said to be haunted? I would only because to me the spirit goes on is nothing new. I have found that life is more than what you see. There is a secondary life that depends on how you behave in this one. While no one can be totally good, if you can find a balance in your life then you should be rewarded in the next world (personal feelings here). If you think about it, why should only those who live a certain type of life get to have a good life.

Third question: Would you live in a place that had a painful history? When I say a painful history I mean one that existed in a time when pain was staining the lands? It would be easy to say no but the fact is that you may not know the history of the place that has a painful history. I was in Germany and found out that the base and the barracks had been there since the 1930’s.

Fourth question: Would you buy or rent a place that was said to be normal, and what would you do if you found out otherwise? Would you stay or would you go and find a new place to live? If I found out that the place was ‘haunted’ that I lived in, I would try to help the life forces cross over and find peace. If they needed making peace with something or for a reason, I would try to help in any way that I could.

The thing is that you need to look outside the box when you look at life. There may be things that you don’t understand that are just below, just above or all around that we can’t see. If the City of the Dead is that close by then how do we not know for sure that they don’t influence us.

Could your heart balance the scales of Anubis and keep the balance? Or would you face the devourer?


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